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The DNA of the Future Consumer Workforce

30 April 2021
By Steve Baggi

The events of 2020 changed the world forever and their legacy will be felt in the consumer sector for years to come. The global pandemic accelerated years of needed transformation into a few short months. The impact on the sector’s workforce has been, and will continue to be profound.

“Here at KultraLab, we are passionate about making consumer organisations more successful”

Here at KultraLab, we are passionate about making consumer organisations more successful and during 2020 set out on a mission to really understand how the employee – employer relationship will shift, as well as which workforce capabilities will be critical not only for business survival but an absolute necessity for them to be able to win as they embark on this ‘next normal’ chapter.

Our ground-breaking research and insight programme in partnership with World Retail Congress is identifying the competencies and cultures that have underpinned business success during the pandemic and now need to be nurtured and further developed as we move forwards.

“The DNA of the Future Consumer Workforce”

Our programme includes gathering and evaluating the views of leaders, the voice of employees and behavioural assessment and analysis from around 100 organisations. Our findings and initial views are detailed in our launch report, The DNA of the Future Consumer Workforce (click here).

Armed with this insight we are developing a range of technology and consulting solutions which will enable organisations to baseline, benchmark and build the skills and culture within their teams to secure their future competitiveness.

We will publish our report at the World Retail Congress in Rome, later this year in September. This will not only provide full details on the capabilities and culture most critical for future success but also outline an initial view of how businesses are measuring up, share recommendations and illustrative case studies which showcase great practices.

We’d love you to join the programme and share your views and work with us to evaluate your organisation’s fitness for the future. Get in touch on

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