KultraLab’s approach enables you to discover the best manager behaviours in your business and replicate them at scale.

We provide you with a data-led, targeted approach to driving high-performance behaviours, allowing you to measure and benchmark your managers against the best.

We investigate the right coaching mix and delivery methodology that drives the biggest impact for you within your unique culture.  KultraLab then scales and optimises this across your entire manager population, measuring and driving continuous improvement.

Our Solution

It works in four simple steps,

achieving sustained impact in your business

High-performance ecosystem

Discover Your High-Performance

Define, measure and validate your high-performance based on the behaviours that underpin your organisation’s best performing managers and teams.

We identify, measure and benchmark the behaviours and actions of your high and low performing frontline teams against our High-Performance Index to find your unique High-Performance DNA. We then link your High-Performance Index score to your productivity KPIs.

Activate Your High-Performance

Design and test optimal approaches for driving high-performance in your culture and context.

Through our Behavioural Labs we investigate the right coaching mix and delivery method to drive the biggest impact to your High-Performance Index score within your unique culture.  We link the increase in your High-Performance Index score to a clear impact on your productivity.

Scale Your High-Performance

Coach high-performance behaviours at scale with your manager population through our AI coach, Kultra®.

Our AI Coaching app is tailored to your High-Performance DNA, focusing on the specific areas you wish to focus on. Our coaching modules draw from extensive real-life examples observed in high-performing teams. We collaborate with you to introduce Kultra®, leveraging the established Activate phase methodology to achieve maximum impact and embed high-performance behaviours at scale.

Optimise Your High-Performance

Ongoing measurement and improvement to fine tune your high-performance for continuous improvement.

We offer a package of tools, services and solutions to support you in driving continuous improvement to drive high-performance behaviours.  Our high-performance survey can be deployed every year to provide you with an audit and diagnostic of your overall ‘bench-strength’ of high-performing behaviours, enabling you to manage and improve performance continuously.

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