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Introducing our Chief Science Officer

7 April 2021
By KultraLab

My name is Fiona Murden (BSc, MA, MSc, CPsychol, AFBsS) I’m a psychologist and award-winning author. I’ve spent my career working with some of the world’s most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, surgeons, athletes and prominent people from across different industries.

How did I get involved in Kultralab?

Well, let me start at the beginning. Steve and I seem to have numerous connections in common which perhaps isn’t surprising given his background in headhunting. I’d heard great things about Steve and a number of people had suggested we connect. The same seemed to be happening the other way around and so we had a coffee for no other reason than to say hello – that was more than two years ago. As we chatted, I began telling Steve about my background, and that I’d got to a point where I wanted to share what I’d learnt with a broader audience. I love working with leaders and feel privileged to have advised many different organisations over the course of my career as an organisational psychologist. But I felt there was more to do.

“I wanted to democratize the sharing of all the knowledge and tools with more people at all levels of organisations.”

I’d begun by publishing a book, but the reality is not everyone is going to pick up a book or be motivated enough to explore their growth and development off their own back. There had to be more that could be done to reach all employees and provide them with the opportunity to perform at their best. Steve it turned out felt the same way and had actually been working on an idea.

By our next meeting, Steve had made quite remarkable strides forward from idea to action. Shaping his thoughts into a tangible proposition and doing what he does best, connecting with some really interesting people who could help make that happen. At a time when meeting in person was still a thing, we continued to meet and chat over tea and Diet Coke for a number of months. And each time I was hugely impressed by the progress Steve had made.

Then came Covid-19. In my mind that was most probably it, how could someone continue to turn ideas into action when we couldn’t even meet? How could a start-up, start up when companies were furloughing employees and the world was shutting down? But the journey didn’t stop there. In fact, it was really just the start. Steve continued in the way he does and pulled together a team of people, great people (most of whom I’ve only met in person once, but I feel I know so well) to create Kultralab.

At the start, I found myself working closely with Chief Engagement Officer Belinda Deery who has an in-depth understanding of people. Having worked as a Group HRD for many years, she combines her insights of behaviour, with an understanding of how things actually happen in organisations and has a fantastic propensity to get both the big picture and the pragmatic reality. Belinda and I pooled our knowledge of behaviour in organisations, Belinda from the inside out perspective and me from the outside in, in order to start building the framework that would enable knowledge and skills to be not only shared but used.

“Enabling learning to not only take place at a cognitive level but to be practiced and embedded through guided practice in the environment where it’s actually needed”

I then stepped back and played the role more of an adviser of anything relating to psychology as the brilliant team have woven all of these pieces together with the technology. Turning ideas into a reality – knowledge and tools that were once the privilege of leaders can reach people from top to bottom, wherever they are, whenever. Enabling learning to not only take place at a cognitive level but to be practiced and embedded through guided practice in the environment where it’s actually needed. Supported by a communication platform – which forms the foundation to how things happen, this is what will facilitate real behavioural change that filters through the whole organisation providing the commercial gains sought by leaders.

The added benefit, from my perspective is that it also provides every individual with the opportunity to fulfil their potential by having access to the knowledge and tools needed to perform at their best, have improved mental health and live a more fulfilled life.

What more could you ask for?


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