Unlocking Your Potential With Self-Directed Coaching: Becoming the Master of Your Own Destiny

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut, unsure how to reach your goals or tap into your full potential? 

We’ve all been there. Often, we feel like we know what we should be doing, but we just need an extra nudge to help us move forward. In fact, did you know that more than 75% of people have felt stuck trying to achieve their goals at some point in their life? 

Now imagine you had your own personal coach that could help you unlock your capabilities and achieve personal and professional growth. How much easier could your life become? 

Self-directed coaching can help you do exactly that. Curious to find out more? 

What is Coaching? 

Before we dive straight into self-directed coaching, it can help to understand a little bit about coaching. 

Coaching is a process of guidance and support, where a coach helps someone move their thinking forward.

Through sharing knowledge, asking thought-provoking questions and encouraging accountability, a coach can promote deep self-reflection and innovative thinking, helping you to gain clarity, set clear goals and develop actionable steps to achieve them. 

Its ethos is based on the growth mindset, which believes everyone has the potential for success. All we have to do is nurture our talents through patience, self-determination and willingness to learn. 

What is Self-Directed Coaching? 

With self-directed coaching, you take the reins, meaning you’re responsible for your own growth and development rather than relying on an external coach for guidance.  

Your coach will still be there to provide the insights and help you overcome obstacles, but ultimately you decide what goals you want to commit to and the steps you’ll take to achieve them, making you the master of your own destiny. 

What goals are you currently working towards that could benefit from self-directed coaching?

Oprah Winfrey’s Story 

You’ve probably heard of Oprah Winfrey, right? 

But what you might not have heard about is how she used the power of self-directed coaching to maximise her potential. 

Despite growing up in poverty and experiencing many hardships throughout her early years, Oprah was fascinated by growth and self-improvement.  

She constantly sought to improve her skills and her thinking, reading various books, attending seminars, and surrounding herself with experts and thought leaders, including civil rights activists and personal empowerment and enlightenment teachers. 

Oprah also engaged in regular self-reflection, helping her to solidify her learnings and examine her strengths, even stating in her memoir What I Know For Sure: ‘I’ve learned that the more I know myself, the more power I have’. 

Whilst her path to success wasn’t easy, it was Oprah’s motivation, self-determination and thirst for knowledge that propelled her to grow into the household name she has become today. 

Oprah used the tools and information around her to carve her own path to success, and you can too!

What small action could do right now to take your personal development into your own hands? 

The Self-Determination Theory – What Motivates Us to Flourish? 

So, how can you stay motivated on your own path to self-improvement? 

Well, according to the self-determination theory, a theory of motivation and personality, we all have three innate requirements that are essential for fostering learning and personal growth.

The first is autonomy, which means feeling like we have control over our development. The next is competence, meaning to feel like we’ve mastered our desired skill. And finally, we need connectedness, which means having a sense of community and belonging with others. 

Self-directed coaching is a transformative approach that can help you satisfy all of these needs: it puts the power and freedom in your hands, whilst still giving you all the tools and information you need to master the skills you’re trying to learn. You can even make self-directed coaching a social process by involving others, allowing them to lift you up when you need it and offer some friendly accountability when motivation is low. 

What could you to do stay on track, even during times of low motivation?  

At Kultralab, we’ve created a self-directed coaching app that encourages you to take control of your own self-development journey. With Kultra, you choose from a range of bite-sized habit commitments, deciding when and how you do them. Kultra even brings community right to your fingertips, allowing you to connect with a habit buddy and embark on your journey of self-improvement together.  

To learn more about how Kultralab is partnering with organisations to help them promote positive, long-term and sustainable behavioural change through our Kultra app, please get in touch – info@kultralab.com.