We’re all searching for the silver bullet, the simple, quick and cheap solution that will help our people to love their jobs, to bring their best selves to work and ultimately to build a stronger and more resilient team in the future. Not to mention cutting down on the seemingly constant drain of top talent. 

So will our digital coaching app fix my organisation? We’re not naïve enough to think that our digital coach Kultra is a silver bullet. In fact we think it will work best when it’s part of a holistic talent strategy encapsulating great recruitment, training and development, a mentoring programme, effective performance management and a coaching culture that might even include specialist human coaching as part of the proposition. 

When we work with organisations, we help them to think through all the areas that need to come together to get the best out of their people. We believe that piloting Kultra with a group of people who care passionately about the opportunity to take charge of their own growth and development is a great way to get started. We construct an effective onboarding programme where we identify champions in the team who will take accountability for generating and maintaining momentum, helping each user to find the content in Kultra that matches their needs and celebrating success across the group. 

Sometimes we also support the senior leaders in the organisation through one-to-one sessions and workshops to understand the essence of a culture in which individuals are given accountability to progress their own development and the space to do so. Sometimes it requires a shift in thinking to take the leadership style from a “tell” culture to a “coach” culture. 

The ‘Guiding Coalition’ that Professor John Kotter talks about in his famous model of managing change is critical to the success of any organisation-wide intervention. Aligned with the philosophy of coaching, we believe that our role is to help our clients unlock the potential in their own people. We can’t do it for them. But we do have what we think is a brilliantly powerful tool to put that initiative to change in the hands of almost everyone in the organisation. 

We think of our role as enablement and empowerment. Unlocking the potential in all your people using the power of digital coaching. 

Are you up for the challenge? If so, please contact us to request more information or a demo.

Dr Gary Crotaz, PhD – Chief Coaching Officer at KultraLab and ICF-accredited executive coach.