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Sustainable Performance: How to keep your teams energised during everyday moments

In the second blog in our series on the Four Performance types, we focus on keeping teams energised in daily moments through sustainable performance.

Peak Performance: How to nurture your team’s energy levels to create high-performance

In this blog series, we’ll explore the four types of performance to understand how you can nurture your team’s energy levels to create high-performance. We start by looking at peak performance.

The Power of Teamship: Secrets to Building High-Performing Teams

In today’s fast-paced business world, the power of teamship and teamwork cannot be overstated. High-performing teams are the backbone of successful organisations, driving productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

Is relying on the drive and resilience of your high-performers sustainable? Strategies to Prevent Burnout and Build Resilient Teams.

We explain how organisations can prevent burnout by shifting teams away from constant peak performance.

Have retailers lost the art of customer service? 

In this article, we explore whether retailers have lost the art of customer service based on the recent findings of our report into what drives high-performing teams.

Teamship – The Link Between Workplace Dynamics and Sitcoms

Olivia Taylor explores the link between workplace dynamics and sitcoms: Teamship

The ‘Magic Six’ Behaviours of High-Performing Teams

In this blog we explore what are the ‘magic six’ behaviours of high-performing teams from our extensive research with some of the best front-line teams.

Has retail lost the art of customer service?

According to our latest report, retailers have lost the art of customer service and creativity in their quest to be operationally efficient.

Skills vs Behaviours: Why Organisations Should Focus on Changing Behaviours

Amy King discusses skills vs behaviours and the crucial role behaviours play. She emphasises the need for organisations to focus their efforts on changing behaviours to drive performance and growth.

Judith McKenna to Co-Chair KultraLab Study on High-Performing Teams

KultraLab is thrilled to announce Judith McKenna as Co-Chair for an upcoming global study, ‘The Secret DNA of High-Performing Teams’.

Values in Action: An Interview with the Winners of our First Values Awards

Just a couple of months ago, the KultraLab team gathered together for a momentous occasion: the unveiling of our company values.

Tapping into Your Resilience During Stressful Times

How do you tap into your resilience during stressful times? In this blog discover some hints and tips to help you to tap into your resilience.

The Importance of Investing in Frontline Managers

Frontline managers are the glue that holds every organisation together but they are underinvested in and feel unsupported.

The Secret DNA of High-Performing Teams

If you could describe what makes a great store manager, what qualities spring to mind? What specific actions and daily behaviours might they display?

KultraLab Welcomes Sir Clive Woodward As Strategic Advisor For Organisational Performance

KultraLab, leading innovator in AI-driven coaching, is pleased to welcome Sir Clive Woodward as Strategic Advisor for Organisational Performance.

KultraLab announces new research on ‘The Secret DNA of high-performing teams.’

In an exciting new initiative, KultraLab is thrilled to announce our latest research project which aims to unveil the secret DNA of high-performing teams.

Harnessing the Power of Self-reflection: Journalling with Kultra

In our latest blog find out how to harness the power of self-reflection with Kultra.

The Values Gap: What happens when we don’t connect our values to behaviours?

If you had to describe what a positive working culture looks like, what would you say? What specific actions and behaviours would you look for? What values might it uphold?

How to unlock the power of 9 key inclusion behaviours

Join Ryan Tahmassebi and discover the 9 key ‘inclusion behaviours’ that will drive real change.

Power of Difference: How to build inclusive cultures in the workplace

How do you build inclusive cultures in the workplace? Organisations worldwide are actively shaping their strategies and supporting initiatives to bring about measurable impact…

Unlocking Your Potential With Self-Directed Coaching: Becoming the Master of Your Own Destiny

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut, unsure how to reach your goals or tap into your full potential?

How to Cultivate a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

In this blog on cultivating inclusion and belonging we address how employers can make employees feel safe and empowered to bring their best selves to work.

Unlocking long-lasting behaviour change: Harnessing the Power of Habits

When it comes to personal growth, one of the biggest challenges we face is making long-lasting changes to

The Power of Difference Report

We are delighted to release our latest report entitled ‘The Power of Difference’ in partnership with World Retail

Introducing Kultra – our unique CoachTech app

We’ve recently released an updated enterprise level version of our CoachTech app Kultra®. Watch this video to find out how we help unlock the potential in everyone through the power of CoachTech.

Findings from Global Inclusion survey

As part of the research for our report ‘Where next for DEI? Unleashing the Power of Difference’ we undertook a global survey inviting participants to detail their own experiences of diversity, inclusion and belonging within their organisations.

Building great managers through coaching

In this blog by Dr Gary Crotaz, he outlines why coaching managers is effective to create great managers who are mindful of their own strengths and those of their team members.

Diversity does not lead to inclusion…

In this article Stephen reflects on the emerging themes from our recent interviews with senior leaders on what inclusion means to them and their organisations.

So, your CoachTech app will fix my organisation?

We’re all searching for the silver bullet, the simple, quick and cheap solution that will help our people to love their jobs, to bring their best selves to work and ultimately to build a stronger and more resilient team in the future.

Human coaching vs digital coaching

In this article, Dr Gary Crotaz PhD, Chief Coaching Officer explains how Kultra is not a replacement for human coaching, but a tool to broaden access to coaching to a greater number of people. Take a read to find out more.

The DNA of the Future Consumer Workforce

Last year we partnered with the World Retail Congress researching the DNA of the future consumer workforce. In this report we provide insight and evidence as to what future employees need to help their employer be successful in a world of constant, high-paced change, volatility and uncertainty.

KultraLab is B Corp Certified

We’ve done it – KultraLab are officially B Corp Certified! Yes, it’s a big deal. No, it’s not easy. And, yes we’re going to shout about it – well just a little bit anyway.

KultraLab secures Knowledge Transfer Partnership Funding

KultraLab secures Knowledge Transfer Partnership Funding with Innovate UK and The University of Manchester.

Investment Update

Over the last year the team at KultraLab have been working extremely hard on a number of fronts, making remarkable progress.

Seeing the world through wipeable Perspex

COVID-19 has changed the way we see the world. Going outside without wearing a mask now feels unnatural, coughing in public has become a thing of the past…

Partners to World Retail Congress

Where next for the Great Retail Workplace Revolution? The retail sector experienced a year of seismic change in 2020…

Welcome to KultraLab

A new challenge beckons. Firstly, I hope that you and your families are safe and well in these testing times…