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Unleash the power of your people.
Get ready for the workforce revolution.

We are a behavioural science & technology consulting firm, focused on empowering consumer organisations to create sustainable behavioural change.


We believe the world of work urgently needs to change.

We want all organisations to empower everyone to be the best version of themselves every day.


We create exceptional organisations by enabling everyone to connect, learn and improve – transforming workforces into high performing, inclusive and purpose led communities.


We support behavioural change that sticks for everyone by fusing:

  • Behavioural science
  • Mobile communications
  • A.I. personalised learning
  • Cultural and performance analytics


2020 changed work forever

Whether it’s the impact of COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement or the growing focus on sustainability and ethics, individuals now want more than a job. They are looking to business to lead sustainable change and create communities who embrace difference and make a positive impact on the world and society – are you ready to respond?


Our complete behavioural
change platform

Our mix of consulting and technology enables everyone to be the best version of themselves, every day. We partner with you to deliver scalable organisational change that you can identify, measure and benchmark, accelerating transformation across the entire organisation.


Our behavioural change model

Everything we do is driven by science.
Tap below to explore how we fuse technology and behavioural science to achieve scalable organisational change.


01 Diagnostics and baseline

The ability to engage every employee to understand, measure and benchmark their skills and engagement.

Benefit to you
We provide an ‘Employee Experience Score’ showing the strength of belonging, confidence, motivation and customer connection for everyone.


02 Connection

Human behaviour is all about how we connect with others. Connecting and interacting with our peers is key if we are to thrive at work.

Benefit to you
We enable every employee to communicate with each other in a cost-effective way, whether at head office, home, stores, distribution centres, factories or call centres.


03 Belonging

To be our best, everyone needs to understand: What’s my role? What’s expected from me? What do we stand for? What are the promises we make to customers? How do we treat each other around here?

Benefit to you
We build belonging and inclusion by creating the right communication and learning strategy for every employee and deliver the relevant information into the hands of each one.


04 Motivation

This is key if individuals want to develop and improve. It comes from factors such as feedback, recognition, progression and empowerment to engage others.

Benefit to you
We provide rewards, points and feedback for everyone, reigniting motivation and changing attitudes across the organisation.


05 Confidence

Does every individual have confidence in their skills to do their job to the best of their ability? Everyone needs the right knowledge and skills to excel at their role.

Benefit to you
Our A.I. enabled learning takes account of individual preference, skills, knowledge and context to get the best from them.


06 Customer

Whichever role individuals have within your organisation, they need to understand the importance it has on supporting the customer journey.

Benefit to you
We provide tailored customer insights/learning for every role – aligning the whole organisation around your customers.


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Say hello to your own

Digital Mentor

Our unique A.I. Digital Mentor personalises everyone’s learning journey and encourages regular practise of their skills. Feedback is provided with suggestions for improvement, allowing you to measure the long term impact of learning for every individual.

Sectors we work across

Retail / Luxury
Consumer services
Leisure / Hospitality
Energy and Utilities
Retail Financial services
FMCG / Consumer Products
Consumer telcos


What Next for the Great Retail Workforce Revolution?

A global insight project in partnership with the World Retail Congress

During 2021 we’re undertaking the first global study since the pandemic on the future of the retail workforce.

We will be engaging with senior leaders and employees around the world to stimulate a crucially important debate on how the relationship between retail and it’s workforce has to change in order to thrive in the new world.

Meet the leadership team

Steve Baggi

CEO & Founder

Steve is the Founder of KultraLab and is responsible for our overall strategic direction. A global talent expert with over 20 years’ experience of advising Boards across the consumer sector on leadership, talent and organisational effectiveness. Previously Co-Founder at Green Park, a global leadership and talent consultancy and Special Advisor on Leadership to the World Retail Congress.

Belinda Deery

Chief Engagement Officer

Belinda is responsible for all the services we deliver to our clients. A Board level CHRO with global consumer experience having delivered capability and culture change programmes in large multi national organisations. Previous experience as Chief People Officer at Clarks and HR Director at New Look

Gerard Short

Chief Product Officer

Gerard leads all activity across our platform. A digital product leader with over 15 years’ experience launching global products to millions of users around the world. Previous experience from Farfetch, HSBC, Tesco, MindGym and Accenture.

Fiona Murden

Chief Science Officer 

Fiona is responsible for the behavioural science that underpins everything that we do. A chartered psychologist and expert on applied psychology, Fiona has spent over 20 years advising global organisations on how to fulfil employee potential. Previous experience includes 13 years as MD of Aroka Ltd, 3 years at YSC and 4 years at Accenture.

Dawn Spetale

Chief Financial & Operations Officer

Dawn has responsibility for finance, operations, investor relations and compliance. A senior Finance and Commercial Director with over 20 years’ experience both in the UK and internationally across a broad range of sectors.
Previous experience from Xalient, Green Park, BHP Billiton and Joseph.

Marcus Franklin

Learning Systems Advisor

Marcus is responsible for helping to design the user learning experience. An expert on global learning systems having designed and delivered learning solutions to 40+ countries in multiple languages and devices at Pfizer.

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